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Firm Overview

Whether you are seeking justice for a personal injury, facing a driving while under the influence (DWI) charge, criminal trespass or anything in between, the Rambarran Law Firm is here for you. We understand your constitutional rights and are here to protect them. Our lawyers are not afraid to go before a judge or a jury and stand up for your rights at a trial or other hearing. When it seems like the world is crumbling beneath you, we will be here to stand firm to get you the best outcome possible.

If you are looking for a trustworthy New Jersey DUI lawyer, look no further than the Rambarran Law Firm. Our professional lawyers and assistants value your business and respect your privacy and confidentiality. We know that details you share with us over the course of your representation may be very personal and private. We take that trust serious and safeguard your information. You should feel comfortable telling us all the details of your case and anything else we need to know to represent you, without worrying whose ears or eyes your private information will fall on. We are compassionate and value your business.

Moses V. Rambarran, Esq.

Moses V. Rambarran, Esq. is an experienced lawyer that sets the foundation of The Rambarran Law Firm. The client’s goal is of paramount concern to the firm and aggressive legal representation is undertaken to achieve said goals. All while clients are billed at affordable rates.  Every client is offered the very best legal service and is treated with respect and courtesy despite the type of case and/or their financial ability to pay.  The protection and enforcement of our legal rights are the foundation of our society and the Firm works to secure these rights for each and every client.


  • Fordham University – BS in Finance 1989
  • Pace University School of Law – Juris Doctor  1992

Understand and Protect Your Constitutional Rights with a Law Firm That Cares

The firm is confident in its ability to protect your legal rights your legal rights in all Courts in New Jersey. The firm aims without compromise to work tirelessly and with compassion for client’s legal rights, ensuring the best legal result.  At the end of a case, a client can be confident that their rights were protected zealously and within the bounds of the law.

No matter what charges or issues you are facing in life, the Rambarran Law Firm has your back.  If you are looking for a NJ DWI lawyer, a lawyer to help you settle a Real Estate deal, a lawyer to help you seek justice in a civil case, or a lawyer to help you face other criminal charges, we are here to help.  Contact The Rambarran Law Firm  today and expect to receive the personal and professional attention that is offered to each client. Initial consultations are generally free, except for those cases that require pre-retainer investigation and analysis where a reasonable fee is requested that will very well repay itself many times over in value.