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The Rambarran Law Firm is a leading personal injury law firm that specializes in providing a wide variety of legal services to their clients, including legal assistance on personal injury cases, white collar crimes, drug crimes, homicides, burglaries, sex offenses, misdemeanors and other criminal law services.

The facts and circumstances surrounding your personal injury case will dictate whether or not you need to visit a personal injury lawyer. In certain limited cases, you might be able to successfully handle your case without a personal injury lawyer. For instance, let’s assume you have been involved in a car accident and you are not at fault. Meanwhile the other driver has an insurance cover with low limits which cannot fully compensate you for your injuries. The insurance adjuster for the other driver will contact you and try to negotiate some form of out-of-court settlement.

For the average person, however, establishing whether your personal injury case has merit is usually complicated due to the nuances of the law of torts. That’s why it’s recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer. A New Jersey personal injury attorney will examine the facts surrounding your case and advise you on the right course of action to take. Our NJ injury lawyer will try to establish evidence of negligence in your case. If the defendant is found to be guilty of negligence, they are required by law to pay the plaintiff compensation for all the injuries that resulted from their negligence. Certain types of damages such as property damage and medical bills are quite easy to calculate. Others such as loss of earning capacity and emotional distress might require expert testimony. Punitive damages that are meant to deter egregious conduct may also be applied.

Another big reason why personal injury cases are tough to handle for the average person is because of the difficulty of identifying the proper defendants in an injury case. The tortfeasor who harmed the plaintiff such as a nurse, grocery store clerk, delivery driver and others might not have adequate resources to settle a large judgment. An experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer can identify and sue all the parties that are liable for the injury on the plaintiff.

Common Torts and Defenses

Certain personal injury cases fall under intentional torts. These involve cases where defendant intentionally tried to harm the plaintiff such as battery, false imprisonment, assault, theft, trespass and infliction of emotional stress. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the defendant might still be found guilty even though they tried to minimize the potential risk to the plaintiff. Cases such as injuries resulting from transporting hazardous materials and building demolition fall squarely under this category.

If you need an NJ personal injury lawyer, feel free to contact the Rambarran Law Firm. They will help you get the justice you deserve.