NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Video

New Jersey State & Federal Criminal Defense

When you are arrested by law enforcement officers in suspicion of having committed a crime, it is important that you consider calling an experienced criminal lawyers in NJ.

The best time to hire a criminal defense attorney is immediately after you are arrested. A New Jersey criminal lawyer will advise you not to say a word to investigators until they get there. When investigators are interviewing you, the lawyer will ensure that the questions are within the scope of the investigation. The lawyer will also ensure that you do not say more that you need to.

The criminal defense department of The Rambarran Law Firm offers aggressive legal defense for any New Jersey state or federal charges. The firm’s practice includes the following areas:

  • Gun and Weapon Charges: Strict gun and firearm possession laws can result in jail time. There is increased pressure on the District Attorneys of all counties to tighten their plea policy which will lead to longer prison sentences. This strict policy will cause added problems to those who are arrested for carrying guns.
  • Drug Crimes: Accusations of drug possession cases to large-scale federal drug conspiracy charges.
  • Federal Criminal Defense: Handling simple and complex drug crimes, money laundering charges, white collar offenses, bank and wire fraud cases, appeals, and more.
  • DWIs: The firm’s criminal defense of DWI charges, refusal hearings, seized automobiles, and more.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Both state and federal white collar crimes, including bank and wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and more.
  • Homicide:
  • Burglary, Robbery, Auto Theft
  • Sex Offenses
  • Misdemeanors, including prostitution, domestic violence, assault, shoplifting, unauthorized use of a vehicle, auto stripping, making graffiti, criminal trespass, and violations of orders or protections.

The firm is committed to work relentlessly and diligently whether it’s negotiating a plea agreement or taking your case to trial.  The firm’s foundation is built upon preparation and all efforts for the clients are without compromise.